sKash is your bank 2.0!!

It combines a bank account, a payment tool and much more...
Download the application and enter the world of smart cash today. It’s Fast, Secure, Free and it only takes 3 minutes to enroll. Everyone can Join.

Introducing sKash GO, the digital wallet app with a card for your child

Let them discover the value of money easily & safely with sKash GO.
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Why sKash GO?
Full control
Easy for you
Add sKash GO wallet in minutes with the new “Additional Wallet” feature, order your child card right from your sKash app.
Exchange rate
Fun for them
A friendly interface specially designed for your child with real banking functionalities that guides your child towards a healthy view of money and budgeting by visualizing their spending, saving & much more.
Cashback icon
You stay in control
Automate allowance, set account limits, card limit, transaction limits, you will be able to control your child’s account right from your sKash app.
Be a cool parent, be a sKash parent,
Text me the link to add sKash GO

sKash as a Bank

Your own, fee-free mobile bank account with your own unique IBAN!
Enjoy all the benefits that derive from it, but without the hassle of having to visit a bank branch, submit a bunch of papers, or being bombarded with hidden fees and rates every time you transfer money, or make a transaction. Instead, the bank comes to you through your mobile smartphone for free!
Bank account
Transfer and receive money for free
Transfer money to any bank in Europe for FREE. Receive money from any bank in the world for FREE. Get your salary in your sKash account and then transfer the amounts you wish to any bank account anywhere in Europe for FREE or make any payments you want.
Withdraw Cash
Withdraw cash from AstroBank or Euronet ATMs in Cyprus for free without using your card
No need to use your card in order to withdraw money! Just visit any AstroBank or Euronet ATM in Cyprus and withdraw money with your mobile phone!
Have your own MasterCard linked to your account
Connect your MasterCard to your account and use it wherever a MasterCard can be used with unbeatable foreign currency exchange rate and extra cashback every time you use it!
All bank accounts
Enjoy a 360-degrees view of all your bank accounts in one place.
Connect all your bank accounts from Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank and Astrobank (more to come) on one screen. Check each bank account balance and see all transaction history without having to log in and out of your traditional internet banking.

sKash as a payment tool

Endless payment possibilities at the tips of your fingers. A whole set of money transaction features gathered in one mobile application, within your hand’s reach. Make your transactions with anybody. Even those who do not own an sKash account.
Send to contact
Withdraw Cash
Pay Merchants
The safest and easiest way to pay many of the top brands and any merchant that accepts sKash:
  • In-Store
  • Online
  • Over the phone
Pay anyone
Pay any Person
Send money to anyone with a Cypriot mobile number, even non-sKash users and even to people who live miles away from you. All you need is their phone number and they will be able to:
  • Become a member on the fly and have their money in their sKash account
  • Get their money from any Astrobank or Euronet ATM in a glance
  • Transfer their money to a bank account
Pay services
Pay services and utilities
Most services and utilities can be paid from within sKash, when you want to, at no extra fees:
  • Electricity, waterboard, municipality bills, etc.
  • Top up for your pre-paid mobile or other top-ups
  • School tuition fees
  • And much more…
Request money
Request Money
Request your dues with just a tap, even from non-sKash users, and don’t let the money they owe you be lost! If they are already sKash users, it will take them a single tap to pay you. If not, your request will remind them that they owe you money and they will still be able to transfer it to your IBAN.
Free to download.
Easy to enroll.
Simple to use.
Fun to have.
Download the sKash mobile application and enter the smart cash future in just 3 minutes!

All you need, in order to enter the sKash world, is a smartphone with a Cypriot mobile number and a valid ID card.
Scan your citizen
Verify your address
sKash secure

sKash is all about feeling 100% secure.

We take the safety and security of both your money and information extremely seriously. For that very reason, at the very heart of sKash lays the technological knowhow and online banking security expertise of AstroBank and external experts. What does this practically mean for you?
We have designed processes and built tools to ensure that you always be safeguarded, by incorporating several levels and various layers of security mechanisms in the sKash ecosystem. Our security measures are being applied in all aspects of the sKash experience, no matter if you are using sKash as a bank account, as a payment tool or if you are making your transactions with your sKash MasterCard

Download the app from your phone to apply for an account.

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