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Banking for the
modern society

sKash offers you all banking services in a more convenient way. Pay, send & receive money on the go, all in one app.

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Free Account with IBAN
Open your account in minutes, for FREE
International Debit Card
Pay on the go with your phone or sKash Mastercard
Huge Rewards
Get instant money back with every purchase
Easy Utility Payments
Instantly pay your monthly utility bills within the app - FREE of charge
Meet Today’s Banking
Secure, Fast & Convenient
sKash as a Payment Tool
Contactless payment using your QR code at any of our network of merchants
Pay with your sKash Red Mastercard in Cyprus & abroad, in-store & online
Send & receive money  instantly anywhere, anytime
Pay your monthly bills in minutes
More Secure & Convenient
Than a Traditional Bank
Open your free digital account  & request your sKash Mastercard in minutes
Transfer & receive money for free  to any person with Cypriot mobile number
Link all your bank accounts in one place
Withdraw cash from more than 350 AstroBank or Euronet ATMs in Cyprus for free without using your card
sKash Red Mastercard
Easily request your sKash Mastercard & get it delivered to your home for free
Manage & Customize your card's settings & security from your application
Use it in Cyprus or anywhere in the world, in-store & online.
Withdrawal from any ATM locally or internationally
Benefit from the best foreign exchange rate
Get rewarded everytime you use your sKash Mastercard
Earn Cashback Anywhere,
Get instant cashback every time you pay with your sKash App or your sKash Mastercard in  Cyprus or Abroad, in-store or online 
Stay Tuned With Live Notifications
Keep  track of every transaction  with  real-time notifications.
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