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The DECEMBER Challenge

Earn €10 for every friend invited & show the benefits of sKash to as many of your invited friends as you can to win up to €1000 in cash.

sKash rewards you for showing the benefits of paying less with sKash to your friends.

The top 10 challengers will win valuable CASH prizes:
1st Place Winner: €1000
2nd Place: €750
3rd Place: €500
4th Place: €400
5th Place: €350
6th Place: €300
7th Place: €250
8th Place: €200
9th Place: €150
10th Place: €100

How to join The DECEMBER Challenge?
- Once one of your invited friends completes 3 eligible payments, you automatically enter The DECEMBER Challenge and your ranking starts.

How to win The DECEMBER Challenge?
- Every time one of your invited friends completes 3 eligible payments, you will rank higher.
- Your invited friend has till the 31st of December to complete 3 eligible payments.
- Any friend who ever enrolled to sKash using your invitation link can make the 3 eligible payments before 31st of December and will increase your rank. You can check the list of your friends who enrolled using your invitation link inside your sKash app.
- In case 2 challengers have the exact same number of invited friends who completed the 3 eligible payments; the one whose invited friends have the highest number of TOTAL eligible payments will rank higher.

What is an eligible payment?
- An eligible payment is a genuine payment of at least €10 done with sKash QR at a merchant (online, remotely or in store).
- Any reversed payment will be discarded.
- Any payment that is split (a payment at the same merchant within a short time frame) will be counted as one eligible payment ONLY if one of the payment is above €10.
- For an invited friend to increase your ranking; they should complete 3 eligible payments at 3 merchants.
About Inviting Your Friends:
- Continue earning €10 per new invited friend when they successfully opens a sKash account.
- Your invited friend has 7 days to successfully complete their registration from the day they enter their mobile number on your invitation link. During this period, they can’t be invited by someone else.
- Your invitation link is a unique link associated to your profile.
- Your friend should add their mobile number on your invitation page. Failing to do so, the sKash system won’t be able to detect that you have invited them.

- Your invited friend must be 18 years of age or older at the time they successfully complete their registration

About Earning your Prize:
- Your account needs to be validated to be able to receive your earnings & prizes.
- You must have completed at least 3 eligible payments of at least €10 before 31st of December

Failing to do so, the amounts earned will not be added to your account once you reach your default account limit & the prizes won’t be delivered.

By participating in The DECEMBER Challenge; you will be automatically allowing sKash to publish your name and picture through promotional actions relating to The DECEMBER Challenge, via public relations, digital channels, radio, television & any other media action. If you don’t wish to have your name & picture announced publicly, kindly contact our call center:
- You won’t be part of the challenge & will not be eligible to win one of the 10 prizes.
However, you will continue earning €10 for every friend who successfully opens a sKash account.

The DECEMBER Challenge ends on the 31st of December, 2022 at 23:59 Cyprus time.

- The winners will be announced first week of January

sKash reserves the right to stop this promotion and/or change the terms & conditions at any time and without prior notice.
sKash reserves the right to ban any user from participating in The DECEMBER Challenge and/or benefiting from the referral program.