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Wallet Information

All sKash wallets are kept at Bank accounts and are guaranteed by Astro Bank. The total of all wallets is 100% available at any point in time at the bank and no part of those funds is used for any other purpose.
Using Debit or Credit Card:

The fastest and free way to top-up your wallet, is using the Top up Wallet option under the Services group. Look for the Top up using Debit or Credit Card area and press the large plus (+) sign. You will be asked to enter the amount and an Alias name of the card you are using so that it is saved for future user. You will be directed to the JCC Portal where you will need to enter the card details (Number, Expiration Date, CVV) and wait for the confirmation that the refill was successful. Money is transferred to your wallet instantly.

By bank transfer:

Alternatively, you may top up your wallet from any internet banking service you may be using. Within the To up wallet option, at the bottom of the screen you can find the details you will require so that you can transfer money to your wallet.

This method may incur fees by your bank and will require 1-2 working days before the funds are transferred to your wallet.If you happen to be an Astro Bank customer, log in to Winbank and use the Funds Transfer, Within Astro Bank, To Third Party option and make sure you enter your mobile phone number in the Payment Details field. In the Account Number field use the last 10-digits of your sKash IBAN number (which is 0001977178).

By Open Banking

You will first need to complete a process from Manage Accounts so that you can link a bank account from many PSD2 compliant bank (currently Bank of Cyprus and AstroBank). If you have completed the process you will find your connected accounts within the top section of Top up Wallet option. Select the account you wish to refill from, complete the amount and press Proceed. Charges may apply and a relevant message will appear telling you what the charge will be. The refill will happen instantly.

Use this option to connect any bank account that you may have with any PSD2 compliant bank. Currently, Bank of Cyprus and AstroBank offer this connectivity. When connected, you will be able to refill your wallet from an account, check the balance of an account, see the transaction history of an account and transfer money from your wallet to an account. To dd an account press the Add Account button and then select your bank.

For Bank of Cyprus:
  • Enter your Bank of Cyprus User ID, which will take you to the 1Bank Login screen
  • Log-In to your 1Bank account
  • At the top of the screen you will notice 5 tick-box options, which are your permissions of what you can do within your sKash wallet, with your Bank of Cyprus accounts
  • At the bottom you will see the accounts that you are allowed to use within the sKash wallet. Select the ones you wish to be able to use within the sKash wallet.
  • Press Submit and then Confirm
  • Your Bank of Cyprus accounts will appear in the sKash wallet

For AstroBank:
  • Enter your Winbank login details and then press Proceed
  • Press Sign in and log in a second time
  • The screen should display your accounts that you are allowed to view within the sKash wallet
  • If you click on an account the system displays 3 tick-box options which are the permissions you give for your sKash
  • At the top of the screen you will notice 5 tick-box options, which show your permissions for each account
  • When you are done, press Back to sKash

Any account(s) added appear on a the main screen, and your account balance is visible for each one of the accounts.

Tap on an account to view the transaction history of that account.

Slide to the right and pressEditto change the Alias name of the account, or pressDelete Accountif needed.

Slide to the left and reveal 2 more options:Refill my sKash wallet and Transfer to my bank account.
  • To refill your wallet simply select the option, enter the amount and press Proceed. The refill is instant, but charges may apply from your bank.
  • To transfer money to your bank account, enter the amount and press Proceed. The transfer may not appear instantly in your bank account, but the amount will be taken out of your wallet instantly. The transfer is free.

Any connected accounts will also appear under theTop up Walletoption.
Wherever you are in the App, press the icon that looks like a small stack of coins, on the top right-hand corner of the App. A message will display your available balance.
If you see that warning, it means you are limited to spending €250 per month. If you press the warning icon, it will guide you through the process of upgrading to the next level, which will allow you to spend up to €5,000 per month or a total of €30,000 in a year. You must have a utility bill or bank statement available to confirm your address. You must be located at the utility bill address and be ready to go through a simple and quick verification process of your personal details (as per “know your customer” Central Bank requirements).
Go to your profile tab and tap on Invite Friends.
Choose the preferred option to share your invitation link with your friends, you could use our preset message or personalize yours.
Your friends need to enter their mobile number to your link, before downloading the App, this way your invitation is associated with them.
Once your friends request their cards using your invitation link, you will instantly get €10 per friend.
*Terms & Conditions apply

Payments to sKash users

Use the Pay to Mobile option (in the Pay section of the App). Search for your friend or contact in the Phonebook, or type their mobile number in the relevant field, and select a contact. Enter the amount you wish to pay and press Proceed. You and your friend will receive a confirmation of the transfer instantly.

There is an even faster way to pay a friend, if you and your friend are both sKash users and are together. Ask your friend to press Show QR, which will generate a unique QR Code on their phone. Using the QR to Pay on your phone scan your friend’s QR Code. You will be asked to enter the amount and then press proceed. You and your friend will receive a confirmation of the transfer instantly.
You can still pay a friend who is not yet a sKash user, using the standard option,Pay to Mobile.You will be asked to enter the mobile number twice, to confirm you are sending the money to the correct person. Your friend will receive an SMS with a link which will take them to a page to choose one of three options: download the App register and get paid, generate a code to get their money from an AstroBank ATM or enter their IBAN number so that money is transferred to any local bank account, free of charge.
Use the Request Payment option under Services. Your request will be valid for 30-days until your friend approves the request. After that your request will expire. You can see the status of the request underPending Transactions.UnderPending Transactions,you can also see any pending requests for payments made to you, from other sKash users.

If your friend is not yet a sKash user, you can still request your money in the same way. Your friend will receive a link to a page where they will have the option to download the App register and then pay you.
You may reject a payment that was sent to you, up to 72 hours after the initial payment was made. To do so, use the Reject Received Payment option under Options. Select the payment you wish to reject, and press Proceed. You will receive a notification instantly. After the 72-hours have elapsed you may send a normal payment back to the person you wish, but the two transactions will not be linked (original payment & payment back).

On-Line & Payments in shops

Yes, you can pay using your sKash wallet at participating stores, or online merchants / websites. You may find participating merchants using Merchant List under Options. There are multiple ways which you can use to pay:

  1. Pay at participating stores: press Show QR and show your unique QR Code to the camera on the Tablet that the merchant will present to you. Alternatively, some merchants will ask you to scan your QR Code using their Bar Code readers (the same device they use to scan the items you have purchased). You will receive a confirmation of your purchase instantly.
  2. Pay a merchant remotely (i.e. in case of phone orders): The merchant will ask you for your mobile number which they will enter in their system. In a few seconds, you will receive a message asking you to approve the payment. In some cases, you will be asked to enter a Tip which is optional (i.e. for food delivery). You will receive a confirmation of your purchase instantly.
  3. Pay on-line: When you reach the final stage of your purchase, participating merchants will give you the option to pay with sKash, which will produce a QR Code on the screen. Use your Scan QR to Pay option and scan the QR Code on the screen of the web site. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase instantly.
Transfer of funds
Yes, by using theBank TransferOption under Services. Then press the plus sign button on the top right of the screen, and complete all fields required. Depending on which bank you are transferring the money to, the completion of the transfer will vary from same day to 2 working days.
Downloading and using sKash is absolutely FREE. There are no hidden or indirect fees to the user. sKash will charge no fees for any transfers to a bank or other sKash wallets.

Personal information

In theOptionsgroup and under your current photo, look for a small icon, that looks like a pencil. Press that and you will be allowed to either upload a photo you may already have or take a new one.
Go to Options and select the appropriate option to change your PIN.

If you have forgotten your PIN you will need to go through a verification of your details. This can only be done via a video call, which is free, so that one of our operators can verify that it is indeed you requesting a new PIN. Please make sure you have your ID card handy and proceed with a video call with one of our operators.

Technical Issues & Support

Be assured that your wallet is safe and guaranteed by Astro Bank. Call the customer service centre at 777 87087 and they will guide you through the process. Make sure you have your ID handy for verification purposes.
Your wallet is safe. You will need to contact our customer service centre (777 87087), and they will be able to help you. Make sure you have your ID handy for verification of your details.
Please note some important tips to help you get an acceptable photograph of your ID:

  • Only Cypriot IDs are acceptable and only the ones with holograms (the new biometric ones and the previous version).
  • Place your ID on a flat surface and take a photograph by holding your phone horizontally above the ID.
  • Make sure you have good lighting. Dark rooms are not ideal.
  • Make sure there are no reflections of light in the picture you are taking, to allow the system to recognise as many details as possible.
  • Make sure you include the entire ID Card and there no parts of the ID missing.
  • You may also take photos of the front and back of the ID before you go through the registration process, or take photos using a different device. Make sure your photos are stored in your gallery on your phone and use theUpload Photooption and select the relevant photo during the registration process.
  • You may also edit a photo of an ID taken elsewhere and ensure any unwanted parts of the photo around the ID are removed (using a crop tool). Then use theUpload Photooption and select the relevant photo during the registration process.
You may get this message every time the App is trying to communicate with the main system. Some phones, when they go to sleep, they do not immediately reconnect to the internet after they wake up. This is normal and nothing to worry about, just try again a few seconds later.
Press the i information button on the top left corner of the App and you will see the various ways with which you can contact our 24-hour Customer Service Centre:

  1. Call us at: 777 87087, to talk to one of our Operators
  2. Chat: Use this option to open a chat window with one of our Operators
  3. Video Call: this will allow you to enter into a free live video call with one of our Operators

Safety, Security & Legal Agreements

All sKash wallets are kept at Bank accounts and are guaranteed by Astro Bank. The total of all wallets is 100% available at any point in time at the bank and no part of those funds is used for any other purpose.
sKash and all processes followed in the use and management of electronic wallets were developed with the same care and diligence that Astro Bank uses when operating any other bank account. Any activities in relation to your electronic wallet is regulated and controlled by the Central Bank of Cyprus, and Astro Bank is a licensed EMI (Electronic Money Institute). Therefore, using sKash is very safe and is verified by Astro Bank.
Press the i information button on the top left corner of the App and then press theClick here to read the Legal Agreementsoption in the middle of the screen. A pop-up screen will give you various options to choose from (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Notice, Security Notice, Draw T&C, Definitions, Framework Agreement).